Be creative and make value for the company, the customer and the supplier.
Is the basic requirement of every kaisem people. CASUN to encourage innovation, it means not afraid of setbacks, march forward courageously
For the positive innovators, we have to tolerate failure, allowing mistakes mentality. And once the innovation is successful, the innovator will share the fruits and interests of innovation, so that innovators get enviable return.

CASUN &ldquo advocating people-oriented management, and cooperation to create value; ” management belief
Continuously strengthen the management ability, perfect the management mode, with &ldquo, the education class talented person, make the first-class product, create the first-class brand, build the first-class enterprise ” as the target. To create sustainable business, and share business results.

The implementation of the humanized management of CASUN
The purpose is to fully tap the potential of each employee, to provide the development of the needs of the staff to meet the development of space, to achieve
The goal is ideal, the pursuit of the common development of enterprise and staff.

CASUN to the highest level of enterprise culture as a management
Through the enterprise culture to get the value of the staff, the company and the concept of consensus, training
Employee dedication spirit.

At the same time, through the formula system management to achieve the goal, the Surety Company plans to complete the schedule.

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